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Landscape Maintenance Services

C & C Lawn and Irrigation offers a year-round lawn maintenance program that is designed for each client. We are a full service lawn maintenance company and have been mowing and maintaining residential and commercial lawns since 2000.

Mowing, Edge, Trim, and Blow

These services are all included in our basic lawn maintenance price.

Weekly schedules consist of 35 mowings for the year and bi-weekly schedules are 22 mowings a year. You will be serviced weekly or bi-weekly in the "growing season" with services decreased in the winter months.

All client accounts are auto-charged with a secure credit card billing system.

Residential and Commercial Contracts

Our contracts are simple to understand and do not lock you into an agreement you cannot cancel. You can be on a simple mowing contract or a full service agreement which includes all or any of the services we provide.

Lawn Fertilizer, Pest, and Weed Program

We have a program to best suit your best type of turf. It includes fertilizer for your type of lawn, weed control, fungus/disease prevention and pest prevention and control. Participating in our program will prevent damage to your lawn before it is too late.

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Tree and Shrub Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding your trees and shrubs helps ward off insects and disease as well as give them their required amount of nutrients at just the right time to promote healthy growth.

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Lawn Aerating

Clay soils in our area lawns become compacted very easily. This will not allow the roots to get oxygen or absorb water and this leads to an unhealthy lawn. Aerating allows the soil to take in more water and nutrients to get them to the root zone. Aerating twice a year with proper lawn care and irrigation practices will give your yard an edge over everyone else's.

Fall and Spring Cleanups

Raking and bagging leaves prepares your lawn for winter. In the spring, it's time for replacing dead plants that did not survive the winter and removal of debris from the lawn.


Proper mulching helps to regulate the soil temperature, retain moisture, and reduce soil compaction. C & C Lawn and Irrigation can add a healthy layer of mulch to your beds and around your trees. This also acts as a natural barrier to protect trees and beds from on-going maintenance services such as weed eating.

Shrub Maintenance

Shrubs should be pruned as needed throughout the growing season. We perform this 4 times a year for most plants to keep them maintained and looking great.

Tree Pruning

Trees usually require trimming at least one time a year. Any diseased or dead limbs will be removed the proper way as to not harm the tree.

Bed Maintenance

Maintaining flowerbeds and keeping them weed free is an important part of any lawn care program. Beds are serviced every time we mow your lawn to keep them under control.


We change out annual color 3 times a year - spring, summer and fall. This assures you have color year round in your flower beds.

Removing leaves from the lawn will help the yard get
a head start for spring growth.

maintain yard
Our experienced crew removed a large tree
that grew close to power lines.

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thick layer of mulch walkway made with pavers pergola in open area