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Lawn Care Tips for the Bryan and College Station Area

Lawn Maintenance

  • Properly timed mowings for the current season, at the correct mowing heights, with sharp blades, will ensure a healthy cut lawn every time.
  • Clay soil is very compacted in our area, and lawn core aeration yields the best results in our area if performed at least 2 times a year. Spring and fall are optimal times for aeration.
  • Instead of treating lawn problems, be proactive. A good fertilizer, pest, and weed program designed for your specific grass type will go a long way in preventing lawn problems.
  • Lawn maintenance should follow a year-long schedule, with applications and procedures performed at specific times during the year.


  • If you plan a landscape project correctly, the installation will go much smoother.
  • Plants and trees best suited for this area should be incorporated into any landscape.
  • Shade, sun, watering, maintenance, and soil condition all play a part in how healthy or unhealthy your landscape will become after installation.
  • Knowing what materials and plants work best for your area is key to a healthy landscape.


  • In our area, setting the system controller one time a year is not sufficient in proper irrigation management. For best results, we set controllers 9 times a year for our quick changing climate.
  • Mowers and maintenance equipment will not damage heads and other components in a sprinkler system if they are installed correctly.
  • Once irrigation is installed, regular maintenance will be required to keep the system in working order. Have the irrigation system checked once a month, or at least 9 times a year.
  • For optimum performance of your irrigation program, older systems should be updated with newer controllers, sensors, heads, and valves.
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A proper lawn maintenance program will yield a weed-free and healthy lawn.

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