Landscape Design in College Station Tx is an important part of your project no matter how big or small.

Landscape design in College Station TX is an important part of your project no matter how big or small.

Landscape design in College Station TX is an important part of your project no matter how big or small.


It is important to do business with a landscape company that provides you with  a detailed plan of your project.  Fly by night landscapers can come up with a price for you quickly that may sound great, but how will just explaining your project verbally to you make sense without a design or at least a to scale sketch?

Obtaining a plan from a landscape provider will ensure your expectations are met at the time of installation.

Having everything on paper first is by far the best way to visualize what you will be getting from your contractor. This works both ways. The contractor also will know everything you expect to have installed based on working with you on your design.

A scaled design will allow a professional landscape installer to bid the job with the least amount of surprise. Real measurements of your property determine the amount of materials needed to complete a project and pricing will be as close as it gets based on the measurements. Guess work is taken out of the equation.


You wont be surprised after a job is started with unexpected costs of materials and labor unless there is something you approved to have changed.

Having a design prior to beginning work allows a business to lay out all your costs for materials and the labor to install it. You should get a complete list of plants and materials along with their quantity, size, and costs for each.

If you want to change something that you think you might not like or you are having second thoughts about, it’s a lot easier to make the changes on paper than it is to re-do a portion of the landscape that has already been installed.


With technology these days it is painless for a professional landscaper to be able to provide a potential client with a clean and detailed design.

Your plan from your landscaper should include the plant names, along with the gallon size of each plant. This should correspond to the bid they will provide you. You don’t want to be quoted 7 gallon plants only to have 3 gallon pots installed. A design clarifies this easily from the start.

Computer generated designs are of the norm these days. Software can provide you with watering requirements and sun/shade needs for each type of plant used in the layout very easy. This is a great tool to be able to look back on should you need crucial information to take care of the plants and trees in your new landscape.


Let C&C Lawn provide you a quote the next time you or someone you know needs a professional landscape design in College Station Tx and surrounding areas. We have a vast collection of designs we have supplied to many clients over the years and would be happy to share with you the extent of what goes into a proper and professional landscape design.

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